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Birthday Party Paper Banner

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Description: This banner is especially for birthday decoration, creates a good party atmosphere, its reusable material is easy to store and its colors are perfect for both adults and children. Create unique memories, celebrate life, and capture it in a photo, the colors of this banner will be your ally. 

Care & Maintenance: Store your accessory in the original packaging or a soft carrying case to avoid scratches. Do not immerse your products in water, it can damage the material and reduce the durability of the color, as well as cause discoloration. Avoid strong impacts (for example, bumps against other objects) that can scratch or dislodge fragments.


Quantity: 1 Banner Set 
Card Size (11.5 x 16cm); Rope Lenght (3m) 
Kraft Paper 
Hawaiian, Tropical
Garment type:
Party Banner
 Birthday party, event, decorations 
Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter