About Us

Welcome to TropicalBlvd!

When you shop with us, you are not taking home a shirt or a swimsuit, you are taking our native islander, beach lover, and tropical culture essence with you. 

Inspired by our family's native LatinX roots, we bring you Fashion Inspired by Nature from around the globe directly to your doorsteps. We don’t just sell products, we serve a style of living. 

Our founders (mom, son, and aunt) got tired of stores that claim to be “Tropical”, and then they just put anything on their shelves that sells, so we decided to start our very own tropical store! 

Tropical Blvd started back in 2017 as a family business with unique catalogue of just three tropical items (a jacket, a pair of socks, and a tie). From our success with this exclusive catalogue, our company grew to house more than 200+ tropical items for the whole family. 

Our family is dedicated to bringing you premium beach, floral, and summer themed styles. That’s why in our store you’ll find everything from apparel to home goods. We have vibrant products for any occasion - including home decoration, parties, gifting, surfing, yoga, vacationing, beach walks, anniversaries, valentines, travel, hiking, or just your day to day life.  

Do you have any questions? If so, feel free to visit our Contact Page to send us a message or give us a call. 

Tropicalblvd's Caribbean blue pineapple funky socks

Based in Los Angeles, California - Tropical BVLD was inaugurated in 2017 as a family business with solely three products (the image above was their first official product in the market). Now the store has over 200+ tropical products for the whole family.