7 Free Tropical Valentine's Day Cards [Printable]

7 Free Tropical and Fun Valentine's Day Cards [Also Printable] 

Valentine's is just around the corner. Stores shelves are full of Valentine's stuff, we see everything now on red and pink.
It's calculated that in the year there are 180 billion Valentine's cards exchanged and 85% are bought by women.
According to Detechter, cards represent 52.2% of most given gifts on       Valentine's
So cards represent an important part of Valentine, either if you are going to gift a card alone or a card accompanied by another gift, Valentine's Card is a must. 

But, what actually is Valentine's Day anyway? 

Valentine's is celebrated on February 14th, and it's actually a Christian tradition, and it does have a romantic background. 
In the 3rd Century in Rome, there was a Catholic priest called Saint Valentine. At that time, many Romans were converting to Christianity, and Emperor Claudius II was not much happy about that. He imposed very strict laws about what Christians could and not could do. He was convinced that Romans soldiers should completely devote themselves to Rome and approved a law forbidden them to marry. Furthermore, he thought marriage would distract them from their duty. 
St Valentine secretly married soldiers in Christian ceremonies, because he believed in love. He started building a reputation of a rebel. 
After a while, the Empire found out and put him in jail for his crimes against the Emperor. In jail, he cared about other prisoners. Legend says that the daughter of the jailer was blind, and he cured her blindness. He was going to be executed, and just before the execution, he wrote a letter for the girl with a love message, signed "from your Valentine". The execution occurred on February 14 in 270. 
But the actual holiday started 200 years later. In the 5th century, Rome became Christian and the Catholic Church gained places of power in the government. Pope Gelasius I wanted to replace the festival of Lupercalia, a Roman tradition celebrated on February 15, under the organization of a group of a priest called Luperci. It had an obscure origin, and it held fertility rites using hides of sacrificed animals. So, for keeping people away from this tradition, he declared February 14th a feast day in commemoration of the execution of Saint Valentine. 
Historians say that almost 1000 years later, in the Middle Ages, a poem from Geoffrey Chaucer called The Parlement of Foules connected the day with romance and love. So the day started to be a day for expressing love and admiration in secret. The tradition spread to Europe. There are stories about a High Court of love, a Court that gathered on February 14th composed by females judges, they ruled problems or issues related to love. Experts explain that probably it were just people gathering to read love poems and games of filtration. 

And when sending cards started to be a thing?

 Valentine Day Card

Either way, the day was now directly connected to romance and to declaring love. And VDdays cards started to be a thing. 
This tradition started with the German tradition of friendship cards, AKA Freundschaftskarten. Cards are sent as a demonstration of caring on special days like New Year's and birthdays. 
 In the 18th century, were common friendships between European and Americans, and they exchanged cards on VDay. 
With the introduction of the penny post in England around the 19th century, sending cards, was more affordable, so the tradition increased. 
And then, technology arrived. With more sophisticated ways to print and send, Valentine's cards became a market. 
There are collections of Valentine's cards in great institutions such as the New York Public Library.  It houses cards bearing the message "To my Valentine", just like Saint Valentine signed the card. And cards were not limited to couples. The family would send cards to each other, and even between classmates. 
In the mid of the last century, big manufacturers like Hallmark started to sell inexpensive cards with tons of innovations, like animations, three-dimensional effects, custom-sized envelopes, and even music.
Cards were so affordable with such good designs that they popularized really fast. Statistics says that in 2020 there were around 1.1 billion dollars were spent on Valentine's cards 

Tropi Valentine's Day Cards

We want to celebrate love with you by giving these cards. Feel free to share them with whomever you want and even to print and send them. You already see how important cards are for Valentine's, and as we are in the distance phenomenon, don't miss the opportunity of sending these cards to your loved ones. 
We are very excited about these cards. We wanted them to be creative, joyful, and fun, always with our tropical essence. Feel free to add (if you like) a personal message to the card, and share the through social media. See you there!
 Valentine's Card with hugging pigs

 Valentine's card light blue and pink with clouds and leavesValentine's Card with a peach

Valentine's Card with flamingos making a heart shapeValentine's Card with a hear tropical

Valentine's card a avocado be my valentineValentines Card With tropical gift box in a heart shape

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