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7 Free Tropical Valentine's Day Cards [Printable]

Origins on Valentine's Day and templates for VDays cards

Reading time: 4 min

You can't miss these 6 sales happening through the year that aren't Black Friday

6 great sales that happen through the year and have great deals like Black Fridays’.

Reading time: 6 min

A quick guide on preserving your succulent in winter [7 things to consider]

How to determinate your growing zone, when to take your plant indoor and why is so important to take extra cares about the soil and the watering on cold and cloudy weather

Reading time: 6 min

Top 8 Breath-taking Post-Pandemic Tropical Destinations [+ Recommendation Product List]

A list of the 8 best beaches to visit in the U.S. this 2021 + what to bring.

 Reading time:  8 min