You can't miss these 6 sales happening through the year that aren't Black Friday

You can't miss these 6 sales happening through the year that aren't Black Friday

2020 is (finally) getting to its end and with Black Friday just around the corner, sales can be overwhelming. This year’s going to be so much different than others, most of the shopping is online due to Covid-19. But still, not everyone’s a fan of Black Friday sales. Some of us just ran out of money decorating the house this year (because where else you’ll be for the entire holiday?) and still have a big holiday gifts list to purchase, so we're not able to renew our closet as we wish and take advantage of those Black Friday Deals.


I missed Black Friday sales, there are no better ones?

Don’t panic. Is not the end of the world. Even though Black Friday has great sales (if you want to know more about Black Friday sales, check out this post), throughout the year, there are a lot of holidays and moments to get great deals, as good as, or even better than Black Fridays ones.

  1. Seasonal Sales
  2. Semi-Annual
  3. New Year’s Day
  4. Memorial Day
  5. Independence Day
  6. Labor Day

    Seasonal Sales

    Assorted apparel and accessories for dress sewing in tailor atelier

    Shopping has a simple rule: higher demand, higher prices, and lower demand, lower prices. As shoppers don’t tend to be organized, people buy things when they need them, so you’ll find a bunch of people getting swimsuits at the beginning of summer. Wait for the season is over to buy related-season items. Retailers want to get rid of that merchandise to make up space for the new seasonal items. For example, if you want an air conditioner, the ending of summer may be a good time.

    The same thing applies to holiday’s related items. Best discounts on Christmas decorations are going to happen after Christmas, so January is the perfect moment to get that new tree and saving it for next Christmas, but it’s not the best time to purchase Valentine’s Day stuff with the holiday just a month away.

    Semi-Annual Sales

    These are actually my favorite sales of the year. Two times a year (semi-annual, duh) retailers have this huge sale, they are an end-of-season sale. Usually, they happen in the same cycle: January and June, but it depends on the store. Retailers just want to get rid of all past-season inventory because they make an entire floor changing, which means they change all the merchandise.

    One of the most expected is Victoria´s Secret semi-annual sale, this year the sale included bras as low as $9.99. Bath and Body Works offers great deals too, with the famous 3 wicked candles just for $4. But be aware, in January most discontent fragrance are going to pumpkin and vanilla winter (because fall and winter are over)

    High-end stores semi-annual are worth the try, like Armani Exchange and Ralph Lauren. This year they had really good offers, from 20 to 75% off.

    New Years’ Day: January 1st.

    People toasting wine glasses

    When you wake up from that crazy party (or just Netflix n’ chill) take a little trip to the mall. Stores just want to get rid of that holiday stock. Expect to find deals in winter clothes like boots, jackets, and coats, and take an especial look at department stores. Just avoid high-end merchandise from luxury brands. They would launch their biggest discounts before the holidays.

    For the rest of January traditionally you’ll find great discounts on sheets, bed cover, and pillows. Also, January is known for being one of the slowest wedding months of the year, so if you are looking for a wedding gown or just wedding stuff, this may be the time.

    Memorial Day: Last Monday of May

    This is the time to commemorate, honor, and mourn the military personnel who died while serving US Armed Forces.

    Most retailers start sales the Friday before Memorial Day. This day is great to get a cheap mattress, historically this holiday has the best discount. This year Sears has taken up to 60% off on mattresses. As spring is ending, expect to find great deals in spring fashion. High-end clothing retailers in the past offered site-wide sales, and big department stores like Macy’s and JC Penny offer great department-wide sales. Don’t expect to find deals on summer clothing, summer is just starting.

    Independence Day: 4th of July

    Unrecognizable woman with American flags in handsIt’s America's Birthday, and what better way to celebrate it than big discounts? July is the best month to get tools, with Father’s Day coming, retailers like Home Depot has some discounts on tools, from ratchet sets to cordless power tools, drills, and sanders. Also, paint. Who is painting his house with the heat? Well, not you. You can get the discounted paint and store it. Unopened cans last for years.

    Even though you will find sales on electronics, it’s not the best time to get it. Amazon Prime Day happens in September and it’s known for its techs deals. And, in any case, Black Friday is the best time to get high tech stuff.

    Also, the same principle applies to summer stuff. Surely you find a lot of deals, but there are still a couple of hot months ahead. Wait the summer is over and retailers will reduce prices down up to 80%. 

    July is a great month to get new Jewelry. The best time for jewelry stores are the December holidays and Valentine’s Day, and now we are a half-year away from that, so jewelry sells tend to slow down, and jewelers try to attract some costumer with great deals.


    Labor Day: 1st Monday in September

    This day commemorates American workers. It usually starts the Friday before the first Monday of September, but for the past two years sales started at 2 weeks before the Holiday itself.

    You will find great deals on back-to-school items because school is starting, so if you need anything for college or just to re-decorate the office, this is the best time.

    Summer is ending, so you could find (finally) that swimsuit of your dreams on clearance. Great deals in summer related-stuff, from clothing to outdoor gear. It’s your opportunity to get that new grill you wanted the entire summer.

    New car models tend to debut in September, so car dealers are eager to get rid of last year’s models. If you are thinking of getting new wheels, keep an eye on sales and financial planning this weekend.

    And Labor Day is known for having the best clothing sales. Stores offer discounts from 25 to 75 % off, and it’s typically summer or spring clothing.


    In the end, everything goes down on planning.

    Remember the shopping principles, buy season-related things after the season is over, and with holidays, wait for the holiday is passed so you buy things for next years’ holiday.

    Plan your budget, don’t over expend or buy things you don’t want even if they are greatly discounted. This usually happens with BOGO offers, or worst, buy 3 get 2. You just wanted a jacket and you end up with 5. Unless, you partner-up with someone else, and you divide costs.

    Don’t fall victim to shopping pitfalls. Knowing how much a certain item cost is really helpful, so do your researches on and offline before shopping.

    Just because an item it’s marked down, doesn’t mean is the best time to spend your money there. Always analyze and compare, doesn’t matter if the retailer says it’s a unique sale.


    Are you getting crazy on Black Friday’s deals, or you are waiting for next year’s sales?

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